Our Services


We recruit employees for companies that best suit available vacancies/positions.

Beyond academic qualifications, during our interviews we listen to the unspoken. We pay attention to those salient points that may reveal to an extent the true nature of the applicants.

We ensure the right candidate gets the right job.


We carry out regular training to equip staff with the right attitudes to work. For example, the need to be punctual at work daily.


We carry out staff audit for organizations in the following ways:

  • One on one engagement with each staff of the organization
  • Employee performance Appraisals
  • Review of Employment and Placement Processes
  • Recommendations


In our bid to improve the processes of an organization vis-à-vis expected results, we carry out the below in stages.

  • Assessment of the Corporate Governance Structure
  • Review of the company Organogram
  • Assessment of Compliance level
  • Assessment of Branding and Corporate Communication Structure


We can remodel the business of an organization to improve their performance and results in the following ways.

  • Review of Employment and Placement Processes
  • Assessment of the current Internal Processes
  • Introduction and implementation of relevant Job Descriptions
  • Creation and implementation of a standard reporting template
  • Introduction and Training on company policies
  • Training on new roles
  • Implementation of a proper Organogram


We write Business plans/Model for Startups and Existing companies.

This we do in the following ways:

  • Assessment of the companies Value Proposition
  • Analysis of the companies market viable products and services
  • Market segmentation of the products/services
  • Identification of Distribution Channels
  • Evaluation of the required staffing
  • Preparation/Analysis of a working Financial Plan


We build standard and professional profiles for companies in line with the below content

  • Information About the company’s offering, capacity and reach
  • The companies Vision, Mission and other Corporate statements
  • List of all the company’s services
  • Ways of reaching the company and accessing their services
  • The key individuals behind the company and their individual profiles


We offer Human Capital Development services focused on improving the performance of a work force to produce economic value.

We channel our energy towards enhancing the habits, knowledge, social and personality attributes of employees and employers.

We help companies achieve goals, develop and remain innovative.

Companies looking to improving the levels of quality and production of their services can subscribe for the Vortex Human Capital Education and Training.



In our bid to help organizations increase the know-how of both employees and employers pertaining their specialised areas and the use of this acquired knowledge in the growth of the organization, one place we focus on is research. This we do in the following ways:

  • ·         Identification of research problem
  • ·         Literature review
  • ·         Specifying the purpose of research
  • ·         Determining specific research questions
  • ·         Choice of a methodology
  • ·         Data collection
  • ·         Data Verification
  • ·         Data Analysis and interpretation
  • ·         Research Evaluation
  • ·         Proper Reporting of research outcome
  • ·         Effective Communication of research findings
  • ·         Recommendations


Customers are the reasons why businesses exist so we offer trainings and teachings to employees to help improve customer Service, Support and Satisfaction. We focus on improving employee skills and competencies needed to better serve the customers.


Having experienced the benefits of innovation labs which help organizations explore new technologies and start-up ideas, we help design innovation hubs that give your team the space, people, and tools they need to brainstorm ideas and test them out.

If a company is trying to break new ground in an industry, having an innovation lab can help it go a long way. We carry out the above mentioned in the following ways;

  • ·         Create the objectives for the lab
  • ·         Assemble the dream team
  • ·         Determine the metrics for innovation
  • ·         Help create an all-encompassing budget
  • ·         Help in Budget implementation


Vortex provides expert consultancy and tailor-made training for corporate organizations.

We offer a range of training and consultancy services which help organizations become even better by providing practical guidance and support, sharing good practice and helping to consolidate their own current practices.  

Our bespoke consultancy services are delivered through a blend of remote deskwork, webinars, and face-to-face training sessions.


With prior knowledge of some projects succeeding and others not, we help organizations plan to improve successful achievement of project goals no matter the available resources. In our bid to make sure the outcome of every project is positive; we carry out the following mentioned below.

  • ·         Robust Project planning
  • ·         Effective Risk Management plan
  • ·         Human Resource plan
  • ·         Effective Communication plan between all stakeholders


We build and train individuals and staff members on standard and professional proposal writing for small, medium and corporate organizations.


We are here to carter for clients all over by creating fantastic e-learning solutions. We have crafted impeccable web solutions for small, medium, and corporate organizations.

Our Clients

Sundimension... A software company
Ricka’s Place
Sun Gemini.... A global brand
Gratham Group... A property management company


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